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Virginie, thanks to her many trips to Asia, has developed a strong interest in Eastern spiritualities. Among them, tantrism, a complex spiritual current that appeared in India in the 7th century on the fertile ground of Hinduism and Buddhism and taking into account our fundamental being in its entirety, from body to mind, at all times and in all the activities of our life.

It is from this philosophy that she takes the name of her new domain.


One of the founding themes of Shaivite Tantrism is the spanda. It originally means vibration, pulsation in Sanskrit and is defined as "the vibration of the One, accompanied by consciousness, vibration which gave rise to the differences of the universe".

Beyond the vineyard, Virginie wants to create more of a place of life and reflection where the spirit connects with the earth. The idea is not to produce in order to produce but to find, especially through manual work, a spiritual and philosophical meaning in everything.

His goal ?

Create quality wines with constant respect for nature and the values ​​it holds dear.

Virginie believes in the virtues of "collective work", of pooling knowledge and knowledge. Through the Spanda, she therefore wants anyone who wishes to be able to make a contribution ...

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